Meet Erik Kancler

Erik Kancler, owner of Kancler Consulting, is committed to achieving outcomes that matter:

“I don’t like playing politics, I like getting things done. The process of navigating the political process and getting results for my clients is very rewarding.”

With a background in journalism, scientific research, and nonprofit management, Erik’s not a traditional lobbyist.

He began his career as an scientist. “I loved the scientific process. But I wanted to use my problem-solving skills in a more applied fashion and focus on shaping public policy.”

Erik turned down a PhD offer to pursue that goal, working first as a policy consultant, then as a journalist and nonprofit director before taking a position as leadership staff in the Oregon Senate Majority Office in 2011.

“I successfully navigated my way from the outskirts of policy-making to the very center. That required tremendous adaptation and perseverance. But the progression always made sense and the skills and perspectives I picked up along the way are invaluable.”

In 2013, Erik founded Kancler Consulting to focus on public interest lobbying. “Politics is difficult. It takes time and effort and ultimately an insider’s understanding. The premise behind Kancler Consulting is not to play politics but to know politics – and to use that knowledge to promote policies that matter.”